Power Management

Empower your home with smart energy management. Optimize usage, save costs, and live greener.

Smart Power management unit

Our solution integrates seamlessly with home and energy systems, ensuring efficient usage of power in your home.

Efficient consumption

Using the PMU ensures efficient energy consumption by intelligently managing power distribution between your home and electric vehicle.

Renewable energy

The PMU provides seamless access to renewable energy and other sustainable sources into your home and energy charging system. Ensuring renewable energy stream.


Easy installation

Our mobile app streamlines installations with an intuitive interface, guiding electricians through setup and provisioning. Real-time diagnostics and support ensure efficient management and troubleshooting, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Connect WiFi
in a go

We focus on easing the life of the installers. Ensuring smooth and quick connection to WiFi for sharing and uploading data to the cloud.


Quickly configure the WiFI details and provision the PMU to the cloud. All done in 60 seconds.


Ensure from a remote position that everything is working and up and running. Making overview a breeze.


Get to know our  founders

Meet the passionate and dedicated founding team behind our innovative solutions. Each member brings unique expertise and a commitment to excellence, driving our mission to revolutionize energy management.

Rami Koleib
Kristoffer Fossan

Installer application

Simplify installation process using NFC technology for quick setup, WiFi connectivity for easy network integration, and country code selection for localized compatibility. This ensures an efficient and straightforward installation process, allowing installers to quickly install the device.